There is currently a proposed revision to the ISO to remove ambiguities and to ensure an effective method of operation for changing the protocol type. An APDU is an Application Protocol Data Unit, a TPDU a Transport Protocol Data Unit. If an APDU command response pair has been defined for T=0 and it has. ISO/IEC specifies the power and signal structures, and information exchange between an integrated circuit card and an interface device such as a.

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When PI2 is present, the indication of Ios should be ignores. Commands and mechanisms for security operations”. Low level output voltage tr: This subject is being considered further as part of the emerging part 4 of the ISO standard.

ISO/IEC 7816

Google is your friend. This contact is used as input reception mode or output transmission mode for data exchange.

Otherwise, p3 stands lc.

The command message consists of lso 5 character header which the interface device sends to the ICC. The binary encoded fields are compared against tables supplied in the standard to achieve actual values for F and D as defined below.


This protocol uses the parameters indicated by the answer to reset, unless modified by the protocol 8716-3 selection.

If there is no compatibility, the contacts shall be desactivated. Low level input voltage Vcc: After transmission of such 5 byte header, the interface device waits for a procedure byte. The clock pulse is applied after an interval t10 from the rising edge of the reset signal.

The data bits can therefore be sampled at the rising edge of the following clock pulses. List of International Electrotechnical Commission standards. We will edit this document as necessary to bring it up to date and add 7816–3.

ISO Introduction

They carry information relating to the available communication protocols as well as the programming voltage and current parameters 7816-33 the EPROM.

Table 3 — Electrical characteristics of CLK under normal operation conditions. Post as a guest Name.

I’m trying to understand the communication for sending APDU command-response pair. Created inupdated inupdated in This is one of the major issues with ISO TC1 codes N over the eight bits b8 to b1.

Character frame During the Answer to Reset, the delay between the start leading edges of two consecutives characters from the card shall not exeed etu. According to its abstract, it specifies a card application.


Interface character [ codes N ] TDi: The instructioncode is valid only if the least significant bit is 0, and the most significant half byte is neither 6 nor 9. The transmission protocol associated to the protocol type may be started immediately after the transmission of answer to reset. With a card answering synchonously, the interface device sets all the lines to state L See figure 2.

The interface characters specify physical parameters of the integrated circuit in the card and logical characteristics of the subsequent exchange protocol. In fact the presence or otherwise of this byte is used to determine the mode of operation of the card as follows: The default values for F1 and D1 are 1 which is defined in the tables to give a value for F of and D of 1. Clocking or timing signal optional use by the card. Easy chip card integration 7186-3 our smart card.