Read Allama Iqbal Books in Urdu, Roman Urdu & English Translations. Search & (Armaghan-e-Hijaz) Iblees Ki Majlis-e-Shura () The Devil’s Conference. Iblees Ki Majlis-e-Shura (English: The Parliament of Satan) is an Urdu poem written by Muhammad Iqbal in It describes the meeting of the Devil and his . In Urdu: Arumghan-e-Hejaz This is one of Allama Iqbal’s final works. Sort of his last opinion on the world. Iblees ki Majlis-e-Shura (The Devil?s.

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Iblees Ki Majlis-e-Shura – The Parliament of Satan

Message of Allama is not only for a country for for whole Muslim Ummah. When we are sitting on the super highway of information technology, we shall make all our efforts that Daily Nawa e Waqt should give the commentary of each couplet of the above noted poetry in their renowned column, Ibllees e Mustaqeem.

Sheri Malik 25 October at Allama IqbalPoetry. The poem is written as a meeting between Iblees the first of the Devilsor Satans in Islam and his five advisers. Anonymous 4 April at A June 29, at 1: Even the so called “enlightened”, “educated”, and “open-minded” people are moving towards “mullah’s version of Islam” and no one is willing to think.


Allama Muhammad Iqbal not a lahori, he was and is belong to sialkot. Thinker 13 March at He completes the poem by speculating on a final threat, which he sees as most critical, the resurgence of Islam.

Iblees Ki Majlis-e-Shura – The Parliament of Satan | Pakistan’s Voice

I am tweeting this poem to our youth who never hear about Iqbal these days. Usman 1 July at He is very famous in Iran and he is mentioned there as “Iqbal Lahori”. Anonymous September 29, at 1: Auden enters a marriage of convenience with Erika Mann.

These two lines need to be swapped. Iqbal Urdu Blog 30 July at Israr Ahmed on youtube.

Unknown 24 May at Assalam I am amazed that how beutifully you have transcribed and translated a poem so meaningful. ASAD 6 January at It describes the meeting of the Devil and his advisers, and they discuss the current situation of the world. However the verses in which Allama Iqbal talk about Mullahs etc is referring to those Mullahs and to those Muslims who believe that Namaz, Roza, Hajj, Zakat is the only thing that is part of Islamic Shariah.


Anonymous 30 July at Sub ke sub he mulla or laat-o-manaat ke pujaari hain.

Understand and follow his message. Perhaps we could find the basic reason of our backwardness and weakness and then will try to overcome.

Mahr Qadir 6 September at Iqbal was born in Sialkot, he got education from Lahore and later Europe. Eid Mubarak Sms July 31, at 2: Dont care about “Fatwa-baaz” just keep doing your work Safdar Mahmood 1 Dr. And second topic of debate created here under your comment created is that quran is easy or not Retrieved 6 August Iqbal was from Sialkot, but that does not matter dost.

And please correct this if I am pointing out the right point. I am a Software Engineer and a devoted you should say Muzlim!.