Multi Channels Temperature Controller – Hanyoung MC9. Read More · digital- temperature-controller-hanyoung-ed6-dpstargroup. Publish Date, News Type, FGT News. News Title, Hanyoung RS6 cooling Temperture controller. User reproduced Hong Kong a good. Establishment of HANYOUNG NUX CO.,LTD. Selection of Superior Quality Enterprise Top ISO Re-Certified. Establishment of SHANGHAI.

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On-Off timer Timer The difference is controlled by mechanical or electronic timer switch film the opening of co-operation Temperature controller commonly known as: His wife in environmental awareness and pressure had it repaired before use. Pole double-digit figure Another large load relay, design basically the same, only a bit of circular needles, wiring methods can refer to the diagram printed on the cover Another solid-state relays solid state relaywith the electronic control off, the benefits are silent, no mechanical wear and tear and the removal of the switch signal interference, but only one group of switches NO or NC Relay operating principles widely used in a variety of electrical appliances, among which is suitable for fish-you cooked as follows: To Hanyoung RS6 as an example of the wiring diagram If used to control high-power electrical appliances, consider installing a relay to extend the life of film temperature due to high current through the film may cause sparks electrical lossspeed up the film’s losses.


Relay commonly known as: The figure above shows a group of film commonly known as single-pole film bis bitsthere are pole pairs or four pairs of knives, choose which one will be charged according to the number of groups used equipment may be. Summer has come, for the owners of a fish hxnyoung or a reef fish tank friend is a nightmare to come.

At the end of the formal establishment of the SPS frags tanks also have to face issues of water temperature; due to the equipment after a few improvements, ahnyoung 20 hanyyoung of hanypung actual amount of water sharing: Marine organisms living in the long-term high-temperature environment, the pressure will be made of their health, Ganyoung faithful are doing everything possible to deal with fish, high temperatures, all aimed just to make the beloved fish or coral something cool; nowadays commonly used cooling methods are: As a last resort under the cold water had to find another machine to make modifications, accidentally found in a fish shop in a second-hand Sfiligol indoor cold water machine, because of its compressor horsepower and the number and shape quite a combination coupled with flat so that the owner, so I decided to make modifications using cold water machine body composition Host Test Sfiligol cold water machine, plastic shell can be used for outdoor It apart and will start testing its effectiveness, its ahnyoung of plastic water pipes freezing outside gall bladder, so performance is not too high It connected to the cylinder for testing Initial test results: From the discussions it was found that some fish-you may not come into contact with before the motor, so it was not as familiar with proper wiring could not be completed, so the above two parts of a profile, hope the fish, the faithful will understand principles of their operation and use of method.


Relay operation diagram is as follows: