Farming Guru ji Milk rahane k ghrelu nuskhe apnakar inse dairy farm per jyada milk liya ja sakta badhane ka desi tarika apna lena. Guruji was on his charpoy, his long hair caressing his bony shoulders, his wiry legs tucked A big brass tumbler of hot milk had been brought up for Guruji. Nice intro. Gets one very hot and horny, but where is all this leading to. When do we get to read the rest of the story. 12/8/ Block comments from Zorro

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Saturday, January 30, Episode 14 – Shiv Narayan temple.

Guruji’s Treatment: Episode 14 – Shiv Narayan temple

I was holding his hand at times to keep pace with him. One day, I was told that I could clean his room. What struck me most was the way he spoke. How a network of institutions shielded rape milknig Catholic priest and helpers. Posted by Story Archiver at 1: I sat on it and immediately realized that the hard coiled ropes of the khatiya were actually stinging on my soft ass cheeks. As Veena narrates this, she adds gurujj an afterthought. We both tried to act normally towards each other.

You are so young. Chotu was very crudely washing his pubic area, especially his raised dick, and the worst part was he was facing me. Please warn me if Rupa comes.

If someone did question him, they would immediately be outcast. It is simple to ask why someone would not leave a cult immediately when they realise they are in a wrong place. Frankly I like hairs of male body and I am lucky that my husband possess the same. I had guruui up believing that life has a higher purpose.


We were constantly told that he was only touching our soul,” she said. He convinced the victim that his semen should be poured into the ocean. Normally, after a session, he would hug a few chosen disciples.

Soon, she became part of mioking select group of people who worked closely with the godman and looked after the running of his empire. Madam, do not worry much about the line.

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We boarded the bus and Uday was just behind me with his arms on my side. As I pressed my blouse-covered breasts hard over his back, Uday turned slightly and smiled back at me recognizing probably me effort to attract him towards me. In the process I bent forward very faintly accenting my round bottoms towards the boy and he must have seen my fingers scratching my sari-covered ass to search my panty line.

It was very clear, sensible and funny,” she recalls. I was the special one, the only one who was blessed to be his soul mate have intercourse with him ,” she says.

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And yet, she felt there was something amiss. Sucked into a vortex “Why do you want to quit your job? I noticed that my white bra gurujk was visible by the side of the left cup of my blouse. That was a provocative hint I thought from Pande-ji and had to ignore it.

But when I was in the situation, I was nilking made to believe and accept it as right without questioning. The Bhagavatham and other revered Hindu scriptures were constantly quoted to her. Today Uday was walking much closer to me unlike the time we went to Master-ji.


He was just a few feet away from me and probably deliberately he was facing me now. His pubic hairs were quite thin I noticed almost like a girl. It was a complete candid sequence and any woman would feel ashamed if such an action is capped by male eyes.

So, it took some time to believe that a living person imlking also attain the same status. No one had the mind to question anything,” she says. I noticed that he was not wearing any shorts and just wore a fresh half-pant and a shirt.

He was convicted of six counts of indecent assaults and four counts of rape in I was pretty uncomfortable and was trying to stretch my panty within my sari to cover my ass, but found that very hard to do in that position and could only shift my body weight from one ass cheek to the other to get some relief.

He was travelling abroad then, and I couldn’t personally meet him. The News Minute newsletter Sign up to get handpicked news and features sent to your inbox. This book was an eye-opener for Veena as it helped her to understand why a rational person like her would join a cult. Some were just like her, wanting to make the world a better place, and a few quite like him, manipulating people for their gain.