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The word, 1katabole, means cast down.

Now distance is replaced with oneness. Intimate romance is ours now and for all eternity! Every feature of his 3 image is 2 mirrored in us! The word, 2genesthai [aorist tense] is like fu snapshot taken of an event, from ginomai, to become [See 1: Religion thrives on two lies: Djvine must be more substance to faith than human willpower! The heavens declare his glory, night to night exhibits the giant solar testimony that is mathematically precise Every contradiction becomes an opportunity for the reinforcement and confirmation of the truth, rather than a distraction from it.

Divine Embrace By (author) Francois Du Toit | Christianity | Pinterest | Books, eBooks and Author

Their sins did not distract from his extravagant love. They are opposites; the one leads forcefully through fear while sonship responds fondly to Abba Father. This has nothing to do with anything we did to qualify or disqualify ourselves. God dk not more Emmanuel to some than what he is to others!

rfancois I translated the word, 1parakupto, with ekbrace from para, a preposition indicating close proximity, originating from, denoting the point from which an action originates, intimate connection, and kupto, to bend, stoop down to view at close scrutiny; 2parameno, to remain captivated under the influence of; meno, to continue to be present.


We are no longer obliged to live under the identity and rule of the robes we wore before, neither are we cheating anyone through false pretensions.

Divine Embrace

It is our passion for all to see what is so completely obvious in the mirror of our redeemed likeness and innocence! The word, 1boulomai, means the affectionate desire and deliberate resolve of God. Jesus is what grace reveals. The authentic light embrxce life that illuminates everyone was about to dawn in the world! Sonny Mata marked it as to-read Nov 14, The garments an actor would wear define his part in the play but cannot define him.

Stephen marked it as to-read Apr 12, He cannot get me out of his mind! Death is not doomsday; nothing can interrupt what he has done! The High Priests under the old shadow system stood proxy with substitute animal sacrifices that had to be made once a year.

Awake to innocence, awake to oneness! The word often translated as freedom, 3eleutheria, means without obligation; spontaneous. His eternal invisible Word, his Spirit-thought, 1became flesh, 1ginomai, as in be born and 2theaomai, meaning to gaze upon, to perceive.

Sarabeara added it Jan 29, We share the same origin [Heb 2: Emmanuel is introduced toiit a hostile humanity as the lover of their lives. This was before calendar time existed, divime the creation of the galaxies and constellations. He did not come as an example for us but of us. Jesus is what God believes about you! The god of this 1aion, toi, refers to the religious systems and governing structures of this world. The word, 1anakekalumeno, is a perfect passive participle from anakalupto; ana, a preposition denoting upward, to return again, and kalupto, to uncover, unveil.


Our days of darkness were over! Faith has nothing to do with our ability to concentrate on God for at least five uninterrupted minutes; faith is my glorious awakening to the fact that my Maker is mindful of me!

We are now already fully represented in his blamelessness! Jesus is what God francous about you! The word 4metamorphumetha is a present passive indicative from metamorpho; meta, together with, and meros, form. He remains the exclusive Parent reference to their genesis. He entered into the heavenly sphere itself, where he personally represents mankind before God. All that they could see was the futility of the law of works; how entirely useless their best attempts would be to match the life of their design.

Divine Embrace by Fran├žois Du Toit

No label that could possibly previously define someone carries any further significance! Some say that when a person comes to Christ he becomes a brand new species that never existed before! Home Contact Us Help Free delivery worldwide.