Read Decadent (Wicked Lovers #2) online free from your iPhone, iPad, android, Pc, Mobile. Decadent is a Romance novel by Shayla Black. Decadent by Shayla Black, now you can read online. Two men are better than one How can a virgin seeking happily-ever-after with a hot pop star who has a . Reading Decadent deafened me. Have you ever had that experience before? You finish reading a book and you feel just a bit numb.

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Then of course there was the stupid subplot in which her house blows up seriously, I know and then angry can’t-sleep-with-a-virgin boy has to protect her and oops, slipped in there, bloody hell, now all hell breaks loose but look at me! After the first read, I wasn’t as keen on it as I was on the related story, Wicked Ties. Loved Kimber, although I shala have a ‘Jem and the Holograms’ flashback the first few times I msaw the name. Inky hair hanging loose around lean shoulders.

Kimber was stupid enough to fall for a loser like him and decided that she needed to brush up on her skills to live on the wild side with Jesse. Luc seems pretty normal at first but towards the end he ends up having his own issues too. Mar 14, Lissy Liz rated it really liked it.


Review: Decadent by Shayla Black

I feel like Simon Cowell for hlack this but this might be the worst book ever. If you come away with that opinion, read the book again.

Unlike so many writers in this b who focus only on great sex, Black insists on little things like plot development, characters with personalities, character motivation and, you know, stuff like that. They were stupid, one dimensional, and even their names were stupid. Processing Please Don’t Refresh the Page. Deke was always encumbered with self flagellation and overwhelming guilt afterwards.

Decadent Audio book by Shayla Black |

Holy smutty smut of all smuts! That’s Deke, and he can’t resist when Kimber begs for more–and more. To be fair, the sex in the book is hot and worth a 4. Deke is getting on my last freggin nerve, and his “deep dark secret” is just plain asinine. Because Kimber’s very willing, there’s a great deal of sex, but while in the first book it was Morgan with all the hang-ups, here it’s Deke, and it gets a bit tiring.

Deke and his cousin Luc pretty much come as a pair. So I keep thinking to myself this little tidbit must be really bad. Blavk out of her car and into the humid afternoon, Kimber studied the red brick house. I did not like this one as much as her first book “Wicked Ties” and I can’t really pinpoint why. How can a virgin seeking happily ever after with a hot pop star who has a penchant for threesomes win her fantasy man?


He has this deep dark secret that keeps him from being in a relationship one-on-one with a woman. Deke does display all the traits of an alpha male, except that of leadership.

And why is the lead hero so often an emotional baby bpack whining about his tortured past that usually isn’t all that bad?

Shayla Black is one of those deecadent. Another very good book. Kimber conhecera Deke quando este fora guarda-costas do pai. Been there, done that. Deke has been lusting after Kimber since she was seventeen.

I have heard that his brooding behavior drove people nuts If you are looking for a great storyline, step away from this book. Why doesn’t GR allow 0 stars?

Decadent by Shayla Black | : Books

Nov 02, Felicia rated it really liked it. I can’t even come up with a better word than “stupid. Jesse McCall is a childhood friend turned pop star sensation that Kimber has been in love with since forever.

The next book is about Luc and Black set up some future books for Kimber’s brothers, Hunter and Logan.