The Body-cathexis Scale is examined to assess its psychometric properties. Results indicate a strong unidimensional measure with high internal consistency. The Body Cathexis Scale (BCS) was the first psychometric instrument devised to measure body dissatisfaction. In this study we report the. The oriainal Bodv-cathexis Scale (BCS) used by Secord and Jourard () consisted of a list of 46 parts or aspects of the body. These were rated by.

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Tucker-was reluctant to use both sexes in his analysis-due to-evidence that sex influences feeling towards the body.

However, this analysis does suggest that a number of aspects of the body-self coalesce to form the strong cathexjs trait of body-cathexis. Factors manifesting an appropriate degree of determinancy were rotated to simple structure using the Oblimin procedure of Jennrich and Sampson Relationship among body measurements, fit satisfaction, and body cathexis.

What Difference Does Gender Make?

Institute for Social Research, Ann. The appraisal of body cathexis: While the cathexia has been studied by psychologists from numerous different viewpoints, few recent reports of systematic empirical research into feelings about the body exist. A psychometric investigation into the body-cathexis scale. Consumer behaviour Psychoanalytic terminology. Internal structure, factor satisfaction, and reliability of the body cathexis scale.


The BCS has been used in a variety of studies showing relationships to parental attitudes Remy,body size Jourard and Secord,somatic symptoms Johnson, and self-esteem Weinburg, British Journal of Psychology.

Log In Sign Up. The loadings for each item on the rotated factors is shown in Table 2. A recent attempt to correct this situation has been made by Tucker The items all lie within a positive manifold, the maximum inter-item correlation being 0.

The Italian version of the Body Cathexis Scale.

Skills 53, The results suggest that the measure has unidimensional properties. However, all item means remained within the range It must be emphasized that such a procedure relaxes the criterion of detenninancy considerably and so no strong claim for the uniqueness of this solution can be made here.

The number of items cathexiss the scale has varied over subsequent studies. Seven items did bodu have salient loadings of any of the factors.

Nevertheless, the seven-factor solution, upon rotation, showed clear simple structure and ease of interpretation. Similarly, social stimuli may play a reciprocal role in sccale behavior, contributing to the formation of negative feelings about the body. The factor correlations reveal that they are not mutually independent as the smallest inter-factor correlation is 0. The determinancy and factor correlations are shown in Table 3. One’s perception scalle his or her body and the feelings associated with this perceived image greatly influence overall satisfaction with the self and can predict levels of self-esteem.


The Journal of Abnormal and Social Psychology, 50 2 Tucker also discovered a test-retest reliability coefficient of 0.

A psychometric investigation into the body-cathexis scale | Sean Hammond –

This is a prerequisite of replicable factors. Clothing and Textiles Research Journal31 3 Feelings about the body have marked behavioral consequences, and as both casual and clinical observations suggest, body cathexis and body perceptions play a significant role in garment fit satisfaction.

In order for simple structure to be achieved the factors were rotated obliquely. Perceptual and Motor Skills53 3 Body cathexis and satisfaction with fit of apparel.

Skip to main content. Results indicate obdy strong wcale measure with high internal consistency.

Help Center Find new research papers in: Split-half reliabilities for the scale reported by Secord and Jourard ranged from 0. Consequently, a negative self-concept would be expected of an individual who perceives his or her body as falling short of culturally-determined ideals.

Theory, M easurement, Development and Behaviour.