Books by Aloys Sprenger. The Life of Mohammad (Allahabad, ). Das Leben und die Lehre des Mohammad nach bisher grösstentheils unbenutzten Quellen. ALOYS SPRENGER (). His Life and Contribution to Urdu Language and Literature. Muhammad Ikram Chaghatai. Dr. Aloys Sprenger (in ). Sprenger, Aloys, , ed.: Abdu-r-razzaq’s dictionary of the technical terms of the Sufies (Calcutta: ), by ? ʻAbd al-Razzāq al-Qāshānī.

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Sprenger, Aloys (DNB00)

Member feedback about Brethren of Purity: He died at Nishapur while attempting flight from the roof of a mosque, possibly either inspired by an earlier glider flight by Abbas Ibn Firnas,[4] or due to delusions of being a bird. Soon after resuming the charge of the Principal he not only took numerous steps to improve the administration and teaching of the College but also accelerated zprenger translation work of the Society with great enthusiasm.

This was the period when Sprenger decided to make history of these languages and their speakers the project of spdenger life. I, BerlinPreface, p.

Aloys Sprenger

The work was wloys supervised by Henry Elliot and Sprenger used to send a quarterly report of the progress of his work to him. A catalogue of sloys books of all peoples, Arab and foreign, existing in the language of the Arabs, as well as their scripts, dealing As long as it was attached to the Delhi College all the newspapers and magazines of Delhi Aoys and the books of the Delhi Vernacular Translation Society were published by it.

By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Ismail ibn Hammad al-Jawhari topic Abu Nasr Isma’il ibn Hammad al-Jawhari also spelled al-Jauhari died or was a Turkic[1][2] lexicographer and the author of a notable Arabic dictionary.

Middle Ages Revolvy Brain revolvybrain.

His ancestors also belonged to a staunch Roman Catholic family. The fate of the other volumes is not known aloy any one. Previously known as Mohammedan College of Calcutta,[2] it was elevated to university in History Hiran Minar was built during the reign of the Mughal Emperor Jahangir in a hunting reserve used by the Mughal royals.

Aloys Sprenger – Wikidata

The criticism of Hadith refers to the critique directed sprebger collections of ahadith, i. This deficiency could be wloys up by the use of Arabic in coining new terms. Because of his criticism of the primary sources of Islamic religion and history, Sprenger is not remembered in good words by the scholars of the Islamic world although his overall contribution to the oriental literature is not denied. The structure of this mysterious organization and the identities of its members have never been clear.

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In this capacity he issued two works of importance in the German language: As long as he lived in India this journal continued and kept on enlightening the public aloy. Sprenger -himself believed in simple prose and for that reason h all his correspondents tried to use the simplest possible language to he express their ideas. Member feedback about Criticism of Hadith: So much so that he had prepared a comparative dictionary of these languages for his own use.

He was Secretary of the Society for about three years and during all this period he struggled hard for the alys of Urdu language and literature. These letters make it evident that Sprenger had a fair knowledge of Urdu. He sent his family to Germany and himself went on a tour of the Middle East. The complex alloys built at the site of a game reserve in honour of Mughal Emperor Jahangir’s pet antelope. Qureshi, Zubair 28 October Initially Sprenger had only an academic interest in the manuscripts, but soon enough he sprenge fond of collecting them as well.

In fact, Sprenger established this press as a limited company and most of the teachers of the Delhi College were its shareholders.

Member feedback about Aliah University: This co-operation was restricted to the editing of texts of Arabic and Persian books. He had intended to compile it in five large volumes but he could publish its first volume only.

As Sprenger had been the head of various institutions and academies, he had friendly relations with scholars all over India and they would often present him, for personal motives, such manuscripts. He was so disgusted with these setbacks that after sojourning in Zuerich and Paris he migrated to England. International Standard Name Identifier. One of the earliest works of Sir Syed Ahmad, it is a history of the ancient buildings of Delhi and is considered even today a standard book on the subject.


It had a great influence on later intellectual leading lights of the Muslim world, such as Ibn Arabi,[3][4] and was transmitted as far abroad within the Muslim world as Al-Andalus.

Sprenger, Aloys (DNB00) – Wikisource, the free online library

In January Sprenger was sent back to Delhi to resume his previous post but he did not stay there for long and was appointed, in the month of May, Principal of Madrasah Aliya Calcutta. The Mainz Diocesan Feud German: Ishaq, beat benet von F. Background Mainz at the end of the 15th century In the Domkustos, Diether of Isenburg, was elected, with a small majority, beating Adolph of Nassau to become the new Archbishop of Mainz. The Earl was a professional soldier and had taken part in the war against the Mahrattas in India in In those days various subjects and languages were taught at the college level.

Historians and researchers of Urdu accepted the new discoveries and arguments advanced by Sprenger.

In the case of certain poets, Sprenger has relied on his personal information, which we do not find anywhere else. The following is a list of the rasa’il epistles which compose the influential Neoplatonic encyclopedia, the Encyclopedia of the Brethren of Purity composed by the Brethren of Purity in the tenth century CE in Basra, Iraq. Other sites 1 entry edit.

He had personal contacts with all the professional booksellers of Northern India and even of the Middle Eastern countries who kept him informed of the arrival of new manuscripts which enabled him to purchase what he needed. Sprenger, in his capacity of Secretary, also used to compile an annual report of the Society. Had it not been tso the authors of these letters would not have chosen to write to him in Urdu. The Delhi College not only made a valuable contribution in the sphere slrenger education but also played a vital role in the intellectual and national renaissance of the Muslims.

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